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Ferrari history

Ferrari history

Ferrari Logo
Ferrari left the horse black It Had Been the done on plane Baracca, However, he added a yellow background because it was the symbolic color of his hometown, Modena.One of the hallmarks of Ferrari's your color "rosso corsa" (red race). The use of color Began in the '20s, When the entity would be called the FIA, it was Necessary That the names of Italian red would have to present the French blue, white and German Português green.The prancing horse has not always Been Identified to the Ferrari brand only: Fabio Taglioni used it on his Ducati motorcycle.Taglioni's father was fact a companion of Baracca and Fought with hin in the 91 th Aero Squadron, but while the fame of the Ferrari Grew, Ducati abandoned the horse; this May Have Been the result of a private agreement Between the two brands.In 1940 Alfa Romeo is absorbed by Mussolini's government and used as a flagship of his government. By this time the Scuderia Ferrari cars Prevented from entering competitions, going to build airplane parts and machine parts.With the end of World War II and the fall of Mussolini and founded the Ferrari brand, with the launch of ITS first model of the road in 1947. The model Launched this year was the Ferrari 125 Sport with a 1500 cc V12 engine.In 1951 the Ferrari gets his first victory in Formula One and in 1956 Juan Manuel Fangio won the world championship behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Also this was a sad year for Enzo Ferrari with the death of his son Dino.In 1961 the teams started getting tough for Ferrari, after internal Conflicts 

Classic Ferrari
That led to the departure of Several board members.Ferrari, still managed to reach a large number of victories in competition and raise his name.In the 60 Ford tried to buy Ferrari, with a view to motor racing. But this attempt failed and Ford established the Ford GT40 That Got Away with the dominance of Ferrari in the 24 hours of Le Mans, Which lasted from 1960 until 1965.As a result of financial problems was going through That Ferrari, Fiat, Ferrari Acquired part of it in 1965 Increased to 50% in 1969.To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari, was released in 1987, the Ferrari F40, Which is the fastest road car in the world by height.In 1988 Enzo Ferrari Died at the age of 90 years and in That Same year, Fiat Increased STI control to 90%.In 1997 Ferrari acquires 50% of Maserati to Fiat, and Shall have full control of the brand in 1999. Ferrari Maserati used STIs luxury division until 2005, When he would return control to FIAT.Ferrari continued to Achieve great things in racing, failed to win the Formula One constructors' category, from 1999 to 2004 with drivers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.Ferrari in 2003 in memory of ITS founder, Enzo Ferrari launches a supercar based on the technology used in Formula 1.The prancing horse is now a trademark of Ferrari.

1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

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