Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mercedes History

Mercedes history:

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile brand owned by Daimler AG in 1924 established the result of a merger between Daimler and Benz & Cia. It is the oldest company cars and commercial vehicles in Germany and the world.
This produces cars, trucks, buses, and their own engines.
Founded in 1871, Benz & Co. was the largest company created by German Karl Benz. Daimler was founded by Gottlieb Daimler and his partner Wilhelm Maybach in 1890.

Daimler would die in 1900 and Maybach left the company in 1907. At that time, Daimler and Benz were the great rivals of each other.
However in 1924 the two companies signed a mutual aid agreement due to the need to stimulate the German economy after the First World War. This agreement would be broken in 2000. Still, the two companies have created their own cars and their own brands. Mercedes-Benz is associated with the first and oldest auto assembly line in the world. In 1926, when he formed the company Daimler-Benz, a new symbol was then created for each part (and Daimler Benz).

Classic Mercedes-Benz
The three-pointed star was designed by Gottlieb Daimler in which each point represents the air, land and sea show that engines designed adapted to these three means. The star first appeared on a Daimler car dated 1901 and would then be used by Mercedes-Benz. The circle around the star would be designed by Karl Benz joined at the bottom of his name. Until 1937, this symbol was not used.
The alliance between DaimlerChrysler AG would end the 14 May 2007 thus separating the two companies.

In addition to producing cars, the company also manufactures buses, aircraft engines, trucks, among other means of transport. Today also manufactures prototype engines for Formula 1 teams Force India, McLaren and Mercedes own GP.